floodlight ignore subnet gateway due to PORT_DOWN and LINK_DOWN

Liu Wenmao
May 7
to openstack

I use quantum grizzly with namespace and floodlight, but VMs can not ping its gateway. It seems that floodlight ignore devices whose status is PORT_DOWN or LINK_DOWN, somehow the subnetwork gateway is really PORT_DOWN and LINK_DOWN.. is it normal?or how can I change its status to normal?

floodlight codes:
if (entity.hasSwitchPort() &&
entity.getSwitchPort().shortValue())) {
if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) {
logger.debug(“Not learning new device on internal”
+ ” link: {}”, entity);

public boolean portEnabled(OFPhysicalPort port) {
if (port == null)
return false;
if ((port.getConfig() & OFPortConfig.OFPPC_PORT_DOWN.getValue()) > 0)
return false;

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